Generic Exceeding Power Bank 10400mAh Silver Color Aluminum casing for Phone and tablet

Brand: Generic
Product Code: 100635
Availability: In Stock
Status: Brand New
Warranty: One Year RTB Warranty
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Price: $29.00 Gst Inclusive $25.22 Gst Exclusive

Aluminum casing 

Beautifully textured aluminum surface 

The single-piece metal casing was created by high precision CNC digital cutting. The surface is water and corrosion resistant, and is perfect for everyday use.

10400mAh Lager Capacity 

Premium Li-ion battery cells from LG and Samsung add an extra 10400mAh to the battery life of your smartphone, tablet or digital camera. The power bank is capable of 2.5 recharges for the Mi3. 

4.5 full charges on the iphone 5s and 1.5 full charges on the ipad mini

Input voltage: DC 5V

Output voltage:DC 5.1V

Input current: 2.0A (TYP)

Output current: 2.1A (TYP)

Rated capacity: 3.6V/10400mAh (TYP) 

Charge timeApprox: 5.5 hours @5V/2A with standard cable

Size: 90.5*77*21.6mm

Load detection: Auto-detects device connection and removal

Safety features 

This product supports High voltage input limit, Feedback protection, Current output limit, Voltage output limit, Circuit breaker, Charge limit, PTC, Charge/discharge temperature Control

Protection and recovery Reset feature: can be activated while device is charging

Product come with Pwer Bank and 25cm charger cable and with 3 months warranty

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